Top 10 most surreal moments

16 Jun
The bus fell over - we too (PH)

The bus fell over - we too (PH)

Sometimes you get into situations where you’re just dumb-struck. You can’t believe it is happening, you simply don’t know how to react, because the event is so surreal – as if you have landed on a different planet. Asia is another ‘planet’ allright, but I love that planet and its inhabitants. That’s why this top 10 is actually longer than only 10 of those outlandish situations (and could be yet much longer)…

  1. The bus skidding and toppling over into the ditch on the mud road to El Nido – Youtube clips here (Philippines)
  2. Gay guys kissing and making out… in the Killing Fields of all places (Cambodia)
  3. Going tubing in Vang Vieng, floating down the river and swinging off the cliffs completely drunk (as anybody else) – Some Youtube clips here (Laos
  4. Negotiating our ‘fine’ with the police that busted us on way to Ubud (Bali, Indonesia)
  5. The exaggerated rules and discipline at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi (Vietnam)
  6. Going to the cinema in Phnom Penh, hilarious what you see on screen, but even better what happens in the audience (Cambodia)
  7. Being hijacked by a guy in Vientiane (Laos)
  8. Celebrating new year in the Blue Chili gay bar (Phnom Penh) – getting more than I bargained forYoutube clips here (Cambodia)
  9. The sand on Phu Quoc beach SQUEAKS, and I hadn’t drunk anything, I swear – see youtube movie (Vietnam)
  10. Going to a gay disco in Bangkok and actually knowing more than 10 people there – tooooo much – Youtube clip here (Thailand)
  11. Dating a photo model in Luang Prabang – and going to a Lao wedding together dressed up as smart as I have never been before (Laos)
  12. The wetter than wet Songkran festival: buckets, bottles, water guns, fire brigade hoses, garden sprinklers – anything goes – Youtube clips here (Thailand)
  13. Trying to cross the street in Phnom Penh or Saigon – you just walk with your eyes closed… Youtube clips here (Cambodia & Vietnam)
  14. Eating French (Belgian!) fries with sugar and butter – strange people those vietnamese (Vietnam)
  15. A gay friend of an Indonesian ex trying to seduce me – and me trying to seduce another friend of theirs but who should not know both his friends are gay – try that for a change – good luck (Indonesia)
  16. Getting together with my ex, spending wonderful honeymoon together, just to find out that he actually only wanted vengeance (Vietnam)
  17. Buying a bird from a cage, and set it free so that you gain merit (according to the Buddhists) – but then the birds are caught and resold again… Nice merit… economic merit! (Cambodia)
  18. El Nido airport – that’s the kind of airport I could build myself in my back garden (Philippines)

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