Top 10 useLESS-useFULL things

15 Jun

I received advice from about everyone about what to take on my Asia trip. Some of these things were very useFULL and I wouldn’t know what I would have done without them. But there were also quite some that were utterly useLESS anch which I should have left at home.

Lifesavingly useFULL

  1. earplugs – for the bus, for the room, for Asia in general
  2. my light weight netbook – because there is WIFI about everywhere/ You can write on the go, check your pictures on screen, listen to music,…
  3. I bought an external hard disk for backup up all my files after my netbook had broken down in Cambodia and I nearly lost all my pictures
  4. head lamp – for the dark roads at night in North Laos or Kep Cambodia
  5. mobile phone – you can get a sim card for peanuts and easily stay in contact with travelers or meet up with people
  6. backup dollars or Euro – especially for Laos and Cambodia, elsewhere plastic is all you need to get money out of the wall
  7. back-up credit card or bank card (with Cirrus) because my Visa card didn’t work on some occasions (and online access to your cards and accounts)
  8. travel sickness pills for the mountain rides in Loas and the mini-planes in Philippines
  9. sarong to lie on the beach, use as sheet, as emergency towel, to wrap around when going to shared bathroom at night
  10. Facebook – people don’t ask your address, phone number or email anymore, they go ‘what’s your Facebook’ (or Friendster) – something to add on the business cards
  11. a friend visiting (or visiting friends) half way through your trip to combat homesickness
  12. MP3 player to be able to go down the street (in a bad mood) to block out all the people calling you and trying to sell you something
Utterly useLESS

  1. white clothes which after a few washes turned to grey or yellow
  2. my (heavy) cardigan I only used ONCE for an overly airconditioned bus
  3. water cooker – in the few situations where I would have needed to boil my own water, there would not have been electricity anyway
  4. towel and mosquito net – I was thinking too much I would be roughing it but I mainly stayed in hotels where they provided all the necessities
  5. waterbottle or water pouch because there’s bottled water everywhere I went
  6. pocket knives, because I kept on forgetting them in my hand luggage so they were taken from me one by one
  7. sandals that got smelly after getting wet (unavoidable and unforeseeable) I had to throw them out to keep friends with people around me
  8. sowing equipment – for a few dollars you can have everything fixed locally and professionally (same for washing)
  9. anti-bacterial hand wash gel – because there’s water and soap everywhere, and besides some exceptions in Indonesia and Philippines you eat with spoon and fork anyway (or chopsticks)



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