Top 10 quaint picturesque places

15 Jun
Hammock with a view - Muang Ngoi

Hammock with a view - Muang Ngoi

My travels are over (how sad – finally back home – huray) – so it’s time to look back – here is my top 10 of the places I found most quaint, cute, picturesque, beautiful, pleasing to the eye,… Basically these are the places where I’d love to linger and just hang around… Forever.

  1. Muang Ngoi sleepy riverside village, one street, no cars, no electricity, no mobile phone coverage, in a bamboo hut overlooking the limestone valley & river (Laos)
  2. Postcard like deserted white sand Puka beach lined by turquoise water and overhanging coconut trees on Boracay island (Philippines)
  3. The beautiful yellow ancient shop houses along the river in Hoi An old town, superbly lit by lanterns at night (Vietnam
  4. The numerous surreal rocky spikes rising majestically from Halong Bay, floating two days on a Jonk boat through this scenery (Vietnam)
  5. Greener than green Ifugao rice terraces carved in the mountains around Banaue (Philippines)
  6. Kampung Glam arab area in Singapore, with cute little shops and tea houses, with the golden domed mosque in the back (Singapore)
  7. Strolling through the old Dutch Quarter, seeing the Portuguese Influence and the Jonker Walk (Chinatown) in Melaka (Malaysia)
  8. The historic city centre with shop houses in different architectural styles in Georgetown and Bangkok lane designer street on Penang island (Malaysia)
  9. Hue temple and imperial tombs tucked away in nature (Vietnam)
  10. Singapore’s colonial quarter which looks like old Britain transplanted to Asia (Singapore)

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