Top 10 new experiences

15 Jun
Blog 'n' Beer at Sunset

Blog 'n' Beer at Sunset

Maybe I’m curious by nature, or maybe Asia is a completely different planet, offering loads of new experiences by default. So I went through quite some ‘first time experiences‘ – many off them quite nice – to be repeated. Some nice new worlds opened themselves to me…

  1. Falling in love with the sunset – no matter where
  2. Snorkeling around the islands off Palawan (Philippines)
  3. Being on a bus that skids off the road and topples over into the ditch (Philippines
  4. All the new exotic fruits and eating seafood for the first time
  5. Dating an incredible drag artist (never was the Diva’s chaperone before)
  6. Tubing down the river in Laos
  7. Couchsurfing at the great house of a great guy in Manila (Philippines)
  8. Getting more date requests from far younger & cuter guys than I can handle
  9. Buying shorts that look like tea towels (as I have always told my friends)
  10. Staying in luxury hotels (Bangkok, Pattaya) and villas (Bali) and loving it

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