Top 10 monuments to see

15 Jun
Superb Angkor Wat temples - but too many (KH)

Superb Angkor Wat temples - but too many (KH)

There is a fair share of must-see monuments. Mostly I would be allergic to follow what the guidebooks say, but the following top 10 of monuments/buildings are definitely worth a detour (or would justify a trip there). This would be more the ‘official’ things to see, rather than the feel-good quaint places.

  1. The ancient Angkor Wat temples (especially Angkor Tom & Ta Phrom) (near Siem Reap, Cambodia)
  2. Glittery Wat Pho Buddhist Vatican & Royal Palace (Bangkok, Thailand)
  3. Stomach churning Killing Fields & Toul Sleng (S21) school turned into prison (Phnom Phen, Cambodia
  4. The over-the-top over-regulated Ho Chi Min Mausoleum (Hanoi, Vietnam)
  5. Babylon, the queen of all Saunas (Bangkok, Thailand ;-)
  6. Expensive Prambanan hindu & Borobudur buddhist temples (near Jogjakarta, Indonesia)
  7. The majestic and blitz Petronas Towers (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  8. The oasis of difference at the Thai and Burmese temples on Penang island (Malaysia)
  9. Singapore’s colonial quarter – British style (Singapore)
  10. The numerous temples in Luang Prabang (Laos) – even though I was ‘templed out’ at that time and didn’t see many

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