Top 10 dangerous moments

15 Jun
And then the pilot pulled out the manual (PH)

And then the pilot pulled out the manual (PH)

These are some of the moments that got my heart beating faster. It’s those moments that you dread that they might happen – and then they did happen indeed. Who said that one has to go through ‘downs’ to appreciate the ‘ups’?

  1. Flying a shaky mini-airplane through windy weather (Philippines)
  2. Being in a bus that skids in the mud and topples over into the ditch (Philippines)
  3. My Icelandic Kaupthing bank going bankrupt and threatening to eat my savings in the process (they found a buyer in the mean time though) 
  4. My computer breaking down in Cambodia and having to take it to computer hospital in Bangkok (Thailand)
  5. Getting back together with my ex finding out he only wanted revenge (Vietnam)
  6. Our boat breaking down on sea on the way back from the underground river (Philippines)
  7. Crossing the border from Vietnam into Laos on a rocky road on the back of a motorbike (with all my luggage on my back and knee)
  8. Sliding down one of the gorgeous but treacherous mountain rice terraces (Philippines)
  9. Crashing a motorbike in Kep (Cambodia)
  10. Extracting my wisdom tooth that preferred to stay in my mouth (Thailand)

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