Top 10 nicest moments

15 Jun
Songkran Water Festival (TH)

Songkran Water Festival (TH)

I’ve been in many situations and met many people during my 6 months in Asia, but there are some highlights that I’ll never forget. Those were the moments when tears came to my eyes, the moments that I wish would last forever, or which I would love to repeat…

  1. The wetter than wet Songkran water festival (New Year) in Thailand, everybody splashing everybody and shouting ‘Happy Songkran’
  2. The most emotional birthday ever with my Boracay angel, him crying because he was touched by the present I gave him, me crying because he was so sweet crying (Philippines)
  3. Gay life in Pnom Penh, meeting the Diva on stage and celebrating new year together (Cambodia
  4. My best friend arriving from Belgium – a bit of ‘normailty’ in the never ending stream of happenings – even though this also meant a different (more luxurious) way of traveling
  5. Going back to basics and playing husband and wife in Pailin (Cambodia)
  6. Sunsets, anywhere: in Shihanoukville & Kep (Cambodia), Batu Feringhi in Penang (Malaysia), Phu Quoc island (Vietnam), Boracay island & El Nido bay (Philippines)
  7. Home made spaghetti carbonara in Kep, with cream, parmesan cheese and red wine imported from civilization (Cambodia)
  8. One hour Khmer massage followed by one hour oil massage in Siem Reap (Cambodia) with happy ending (hehe ;-)
  9. Swimming between the skyscrapers in the rooftop swimming pool of our Bangkok hotel (Thailand)
  10. A hopeful reconciliation with my ex in Vietnamgoing on Honeymoon togetherbeing adopted by his family (however with disastrous results)

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