Top 10 best food

15 Jun
Falang Rolls - sushi of banana, peanut butter and sesame (LA)

Falang Rolls - sushi of banana, peanut butter and sesame (LA)

When traveling around for 6 months you come accross lots of different food, going from very international (I just needed a pizza or hamburger every once so often) to very local specialities on the corner of the street. There’s lots of yummy food in Asia (usually involving rice in some form or shape). But ther’s also some funny food (such as fried tarantulas, grilled cockroaches or chicken embryos), which I graciously declined (one does not have to try everything in lif…).

My top 10 Yummy Food

  1. The (in)famous and delicious Falang Rolls in Muang Ngoi (Laos)
  2. Sweet sticky rice from a street stall in Nha Trang with my ex (Vietnam) or the sticky rice with sweet mango in season (Thailand)
  3. A cheese & wine evening on my hotel balcony in Phom Penh with cheese, French baguette & red wine bought expesively from Lucky supermarket (Cambodia
  4. The sweetsop & soursop (whatever it is called in English) and all the new exotic fruits I discovered on my trip
  5. Home made chicken curry prepared by someone special in Boracay (Philippines)
  6. Satay with peanut sauce – I could eat thousands of them (Indonesia but also Malaysia)
  7. Home made spaghetti carbonara with the French teachers in Kep, with specially imported parmesan, cream, bacon and red wine from Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
  8. Philipino style barbecue chicken with endless supply of rice (eaten with your hands) in Mang Inala chain (Philippines)
  9. Eating seafood for the first time in Vung Tao – operating on crab, prawns and what not (Vietnam)
  10. Baguette layered with tons of cheese, ham, salad, sauce, tofu etc & fresh fruit juice from the road side stalls in Luang Prabang (Laos)
  11. Nasi Bali (from the fat lady on the side of street) and Masakan Padang (eating with your hands) in Bali (Indonesia)
  12. Drinking a Singapore Sling cocktail in… – of course – a Singapore gay bar (served in a half liter Jug!)

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