Massage and Lulur Java Style

27 Apr
Choose your massage girl

Choose your massage girl

After a day of sightseeing in Jogja, I was ready to take it a bit slower. And what’s better than having a massage when the day has been long. Funnily enough, in Belgium I have only had one or two massages in my life, but since I came to Asia, I must have had more than 10 – of varying price and quality (but always under 10US$/hour), and with a variety of endings ;-)

One of the Jogja friends is a regular massage goer, so he took me to his favourite spot. A well designed and comfy massage parlour. At the reception desk they have a whole menu of treatments, durations, and prices. But what was more funny to me, was the collection of pictures of the masseuses. You could actually choose your therapist based on their name and face-pic. They asked me whether I liked it strong, medium or soft, and when I said medium they indicated the medium girls to me.

Undergoing Lulur

Undergoing Lulur

My friend had his favourite masseuse, so I had to try her! OK – and they put a suction hook on top of the picture to indicate that she was taken. Clever system, and off I went for 2 hours of Lulur – the Javanese massage and revigorating body scrub.

Lidia was her name, 21 years old, from the countryside (I can imagine) and was working as a masseuse for one and a half year already. They got in-house training from a master therapist. I could feel that she knew what she was doing – she managed to find every single sore muscle in my body. Painful, but divine. Until she started walking on me and cracking my bones. It felt good – afterwards…

With her limited English she tried to chit chat, even though I would have preferred to relax and dose away. Of course she was trying to find out if I was married, why I was traveling alone, etc. She got completely exited when she found out that my Jogja friend was one of her regular customers. So I asked her if she liked him. She did, even though he is a bit small (so big is good). She also commented on my beautiful skin (light is better – and I am trying sooo hard to get a tan) and my lovely nose… believe it or not !


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