Getting lost in JogJa

26 Apr
Me and my Jogja T-shirt

Me and my Jogja T-shirt

I had little time to walk around the city of Jogjakarta on my own because I was escorted by the Jogja friends of my Bali friend. They took care of all my needs (well, not exaggerating either): they drove me around to see the sights, they arranged a hotel for me,  bargained to get me a better price on stuff, and took me out to eat local specialities.

But one of the friends had an emergency and had to return to his village, and the other guy played mini-football. So there I was, all alone in a big new city, getting lost and enjoying it. Sometimes that’s the best way of discovering a city.

Visiting Kraton - just before mini-foot

Visiting Kraton - just before mini-foot

I went down to the Kraton, the sultan’s palace, which is more like an assembly hall, or actually more like a giant roof on pillars where the Sultan meetings were held. And from there the Malioboro main street cut through the city and led to the active Merapi volcano (which I didn’t have time to see in my 2 short days in Jogja). I just wandered down the streets, looking at the sights, and being surprised by all the Dutch influence in Indonesian language.

Tasting Local Specialities

Tasting Local Specialities

Malioboro street is lined with little stands and shops selling souvenir stuff, famous Jogja batik and all kinds of food. And I couldn’t resist to buy a T-shirt and have some Durian in ice with syrup. Very smelly but very yummy. I also got a batik sarong for the beach in Malaysia or Philippines, so people will think I’m Indonesian! (well I must say, after 4 months traveling in the sun, I have never been so tanned in my life, except some strategic area, and the two sandal straps on my feet).

In the evening, my friend brought me to his favourite massage place (more here) and choose his favourite massage therapist to give me a 2 hour treatment – mmm. And when he came to pick me up, he had brought 3 female friends that wanted to get to know me (euh, sorry, I’m taken, hehe). The more the merrier.

No luck for me

No luck for me

We went to taste the local speciality: Gudeg: rice with coconut, and all kinds of sweet egg, meat,… and swollen cow skin (yes, it does taste as yucky it sounds!). But it’s after dinner that the fun started. They took me to the lawn/square near the Kraton (Sultan’s palace) where there are 2 century old big fat trees standing in the middle of the field. Tradition goes that you can make a wish, if you can walk blindfolded between those trees, starting off from the edge of the lawn.

  • Easy! At least that’s what I thought. But it is incredible where you end up. I was nowhere near the trees – so no wishes for me this time round…

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