Time is catching up with me

24 Apr
Bye Bye Bali ;-(

Bye Bye Bali ;-(

I just loved our time in Bali – not so difficult when staying in luxurious villas and chilling out in lounge bars – or eating yummy and cheap food on the road side. So it was very tempting to stay another few days, and I did. But then when I finally started thinking to move on, I had a look at the flight I had booked out of Indonesia AND IT TURNED OUT TO BE IN 4 DAYS. So I had to evacuate in a rush to Java.
How long is a piece of string

Succulent Sulawesi Food

Succulent Sulawesi Food

It was very tempting to stay on a few days. I was living in a nice friendly bungalow place, with a big pool. I had found the beach (in the end), I had discovered a nice massage place (Bonita: massage by men). I started to have my favourite food stalls, with the fat lady doing lovely Nasi Bali, or the Waroeng Sulawesi or Kolega. Etc.

So it was a nasty surprise when I found out that the date on my ticket from Solo (Java, Indonesia) to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) was 28 April, and not the beginning of May, as I thought (hoped?). So instead of extending my stay or moving slowly by bus along the coast to Java, I had to take an emergency flight next morning to Jogjakarta (close to Solo) to at least see a bit of Java. Luckily, with a little help from my friend (read here).

It was horrible to start feeling the pressure: time is catching up with me. How on earth could I have planned such a short time. Also traveling with my Brussels friend was a bit too hectic – only 3 days in BKK, 2 nights in Pattaya, 2 days in Chiang Mai before moving on for 5 days Bali. The speed of moving around was about 20 times faster than when I was in Laos.

Relax and slow down

Relax and slow down

So maybe it’s time to slow down again.

It’s like massage. I got accustomed to having sessions of 2 hours. When you do only 1 hour, the massage is over by the time you start relaxing. The same thing with traveling: you need at least 3 days in one place, so that you have the time for getting a feel for the place (and wash and dry your clothes as well – hehe). Or minimum 10 days for a holiday (unless you know the place/city).

  • Conclusion: Rushing is no good.

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