Bali gay life found us

22 Apr
Bali Big Brands - Fake

Bali Big Brands - Fake

Our days were filled with lazing around at the pool of our Villa, having a look at the shops around Seminyak (with all the copies of Louis Vuiton, Prada, Armani, Diesel and all other brands I’d never buy), and eventually finding the beach. So what do we do at night? Right, taking some steps into the gay life (if any). We didn’t come prepared with maps and addresses, but that turned out not to be necessary. When we started looking for the gay life on the island, we didn’t find it – it’s the gay life that actually found us!

Let me explain:
Step into my cabinet – please

My ex-wisdom tooth...

My ex-wisdom tooth...

I just had had the tooth operation one week ago in Bangkok (bye bye wisdom tooth) and the stitches had to be taken out. So on our first day in Bali, I saw a local ‘medical centre’ across the road from where we were eating. So I told my mate I’d quicly hop in to ask if the doctor there could remove the stitches, or recommend me a dentist/surgeon who could, while he was finishing eating and paying the bill.

The medical centre basically consisted of a bare room with a desk and some chairs – and some WHO prevention posters on the wall. Once I explained to the secretary what I was looking for, she went to get the doctor, from a sort of living room (with TV, rug, couch etc) in the back, and then I could explain the whole story again. Fine, she put on gloves, had a look in my mouth, and recommended me a dentist friend of her. She even rang her to make an appointment for me. 50000 Rp (5US$ ;-)

My dentist whom I couldnt find

My dentist whom I couldnt find

In the mean time my friend had finished eating and was waiting in front of the window of the medical ‘centre’. When the doctor spotted him, she told me that I could tell my friend to come inside (aircon). Part of the chit chat was “Where are you staying?. So we explained that we were in this lovely villa, but that it was a bit expensive. Maybe she could recommend a nice but cheaper place?

Come into my cabinet, please” she said, and she secretively closed the door behind her… And then she told that her friend was working in this gay resort called ‘Tony’s Place’, so if we were interested she could always put us in contact. And, by the way, if we would be going out to Mixwell or Bali Joe, we should send her a text message and we could hang out together. Wow, never had such a nice service of my doctor ;-)

Finding the right bars & beaches

Calego beach - well hidden

Calego beach - well hidden

Another of the evenings, when we were shopping around villa’s when we were still thinking of moving to a cheaper place, a guy on a motorbike stops to say hi – obviously also part of the family. So he starts explaining he is working for a gay organization that helps tourist to find their way, so if we have any questions or needs, ‘here is my phone number’…

So it’s him that explained us which beaches to go to (which we couldn’t find in the beginning): Callego beach – even though there are a lot of ‘transaksi’ going on (commercial dealings between men, let’s say), there was another beach further North, more the naughty beach, because some people sunbathed nude there (allah forbid!), or we could go to Speedo beach, more down towards Kuta, where they guys were wearing skimpy speedos.

Yep, that looks like the right beach

Yep, that looks like the right beach

Actually, he wanted to arrange for us to go to another ‘nice beach’ but at half an hour drive from our place, and he would arrange with a friend taxi-driver to bring us there and back – but this sounded all a bit too fishy to me (too commercial), so we gently declined. He also drove us around different Villas in case we wanted to move to a cheaper place – but again, the money always had to go via him… But at least we got to see different places – which made us decide that our Annora Villa was well worth the 100$ per night – so we stayed put.

Going out – or being pulled in?

Mixwell bar on Pink street

Mixwell bar on Pink street

Obviously our Villa was located near the pink street – Diana Phura Street. Each time we would walk by Mixwell or Bali Joe, the male staff (clad in knee length boots, in shirts opened till their belly button, or with some kind of harness gear – obvious) would start calling us from a distance, motioning us to come closer, followed by the usual ‘Where are you from’… (I got allergic to that question – so I was happily surprised when a guy in the bar reversed this and said: ‘do you mind telling you where I am from?’ lol).

Mixwell is obviously the place to be. On Fridays and Saturdays they even do drag shows, and some kind of erotic dancing, quite explicit even though they keep their clothes on (well, cothes that are maybe not leaving too much to the imagination, but at least it doesn’t get too embarrassing). Just a warning: don’t go there alone, unless you want to get ‘massage’ offers and the local ‘social workers’ circling around you like vultures.

  • Nice crowd, cosy lounge décor, but expensive drinks though (5US$ for a small beer).

They are everywhere!!!

Casa Indigo - lovely long pool

Casa Indigo - lovely long pool

When my Belgian friend left to go back home, I stayed on for another few days, but couldn’t afford the Villa where we had stayed – and it was fully booked so I couldn’t extend anyway. So I went looking for another place. And I found Casa Indigo: design bungalow rooms, set along a super long pool (360000 Rp = 25€/night). As soon as I set foot in the reception area, I saw a head turning, and few minutes later this manager was offering me a good price, asked me if I was traveling alone, whether I had plans for lunch, ‘here is my card if you need anything whatsoever’, etc.

  • Heeeeeeelp, they are everywhere…

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