Where is the Bali Beach?

20 Apr
Yoohoo - we found the beach!

Yoohoo - we found the beach!

We did not stay in our lovely Villa all the time, even though I think I wouldn’t have minded just to chill out in this ultra-comfy environment. We did venture out in the town and tried to go to the beach. It was a bit of a complicated affair. First of all we had to know which beach we wanted to go to… and next we would need to find a way to get there.

Someone had recommended a beach of which I forgot the name, supposedly a gay beach (always nice to meet some like-minded people), so we take a taxi up there. When arriving there, there was as good as nobody on the beach. No umbrellas, no red-burned boele (tourists), no hawkers trying to sell us junk,… So either we got wrong information, or the taxi driver dropped us at a different place (further away, to get more money), or it was too early and too hot (at 13h) for sane people to be out in the sun…

Feet in the water - mmmm

Feet in the water - mmmm

We decided to walk down the beach, our feet in the wavy water, towards the place where we were staying. It’s only when we almost arrived downtown that we found some umbrellas and deck chairs, but certainly no gay beach… It would do for the day, and it was nice that the waves came out till under our chairs (so you better don’t put your bags in the sand – but on your chair or table!).

It is only a few days after, that my friend dropped me off ‘at a beach’, that I realized why we hadn’t found the ‘Callego beach’. I was dropped by motorbike at the entrance of ‘the beach’, which actually turned out to be a garden, with umbrellas, massage, bar, wifi, etc. We were looking for the beach on the sand, but here the sun-bathers go to the gardens above the sandy stretch of shore. And indeed, there was a lot of ‘family’ around…

  • Anyway, I must say, the (sand) beaches were not so clean and the sand was greyish, instead of the exotic white I would have expected…

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