Been in Bangkok too long

9 Apr
Ever dated a Diva?

Ever dated a Diva?

You know you have been in Bangkok (or Asia) too long, if …

  • If you go to the disco and actually know more than 5 people there…

Maybe the gay world is (too) small (and promiscuous?)… I went out to THE gay place to dance in Bangkok: DJ Station – and bumped into more people than I wanted to… I got to know a guy via one of the chat sites – and turns out he is the Diva on stage of the daily drag show (and he actually looks better as a woman than as man – lol). Then all of a sudden I cross paths with the Belgian guy from my village whom I met in a gay bar in Phnom Penh and who has the fancy resort in Kep. Next I saw the French flight attendants again whom I socialized with the other day. The date I had at a previous trip to Bangkok was also hanging around in DJ station. And I must say there were some familiar faces from our visit to Babylon sauna as well… Maybe a bit too many, too much,…

  • If you start complaining about the price of goods – because you know you can get them cheaper at the market.
Going local at the market

Going local at the market

Part of any Bangkok visit is Shopping: whether it is cheap at Chatuchak weekend market, Chinese good from China Town, bulk and trash from Pratunam or wholesale modern clothing from Platinum – there are many bargains to be had. As many as your wallet is thick.

  • When your luggage is getting dangerously close to the airlines’ weight limits.
It's probably not this beach wear that will weigh me down

It's probably not this beach wear that will weigh me down

I was so happy to had gotten my luggage down to 13kg after roughing it in Laos. But going out/partying in Cambodia and Bangkok required new trousers and shirts. We also found a lovely Thai brand underwear heaven in Chatuchak market (150 Baht/piece) and T-shirts for 50-100 Baht/piece (1-2.5€). Little souvenirs and memorabilia keep finding their way to my backpack, and when flying down South I was at 17kg again. Time to send some stuff home again (or hide it in my friends suitcase when he goes home).

  • When you start shopping for medical treatment as you would for an mp3 player or shirt
What will it be, sir, ma am,

What will it be, sir, ma am,

I did see an add for all kind of medical interventions: if you would like to have a  s e x change, that would only cost you 1650 US$. And once turned a woman, you can go one step further and opt for a  breast en large ment  for a futile 1125 $. Or add a little  lip o suction  for 625 $… Incredible. You wouldn’t see those kind of adds in Belgium.

I just had my teeth done – 2 new crowns, some cleaning and getting rid of a wisdom tooth – expensive enough, but half price compared to Belgium.

  • When you start ‘wai’-ing or ‘heu’-ing
To Wai or not to Wai - thai greeting

To Wai or not to Wai - thai greeting

When meeting or thanking someone, the Thai (and Lao & Khmer) they would hold their hands together in front of their chin – called Wai. Difficult not to catch on. Or when passing people (especially when they are sitting lower than you) you bow your head out of respect to pass them. Or when listening actively and agreeing with someone, you make a ‘heu’ sound. I thought it was quite rude in the beginning, but it comes out of me automatically after 3 months.

So apologies if I ‘heu’ you when we meet again… It just indicates I’m listening to you ;-)


2 Responses to “Been in Bangkok too long”

  1. Guntur BALI 1 May 2009 at 02:30 #

    waoooo.. nice show… like in MIXwell hehee…

  2. Bodlagz 9 February 2012 at 05:40 #

    I think that is so very true about the wai, I find myself doing it quite often.
    I put together a “too long in Pattaya” post on my blog, you might find it amusing.

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