Thailand Indulgence

8 Apr

Thank Buddha for company ;-)

Thank Buddha for company ;-)

Thank Buddha! – I am not alone anymore. My best friend from Brussels came to visit me – Huray – I’ve got myself a partner in crime… (not gonna tell you what kind of crimes – hehe). But our tastes and style of holidays is not quite the same. I would be looking for adventure and experience, he would be looking for a treat and living the good life. I would be moving down the beaten track, he just loves upping the number of stars of the accommodation. I tend to try out the local street food, he gets instant diarrhea just watching the street stalls selling local goodies. I had been roughing it enough for the last few months (e.g. Laos), so I didn’t mind to indulge in a bit of luxury.

Forget about the public bus to the airport – taxi it would be. Anyway, a taxi driving you into town (wherever you need to be) would cost around 300-400 Baht (10€ is not going to break the bank either).

My kingdom for a pink BKK taxi

My kingdom for a pink BKK taxi

Enough of the gloomy windowless guesthouses or dirty insect-ridden bamboo huts and shared cold water bathrooms – we’re now in star-rated hotels with elevators, mini-bar, coffee maker, safe, internet, cable TV, plush clean carpet, shower curtain and swimming pool – all of it even tastefully decorated – breakfast buffet included.

In Bangkok we stayed at iResidence, a fairly new and super modern hotel, conveniently located just in front of Chong Nonsi Skytrain station, only one stop away from the gay area. The room just oozed with design: flat screen TV, stained glass bathroom doors, designer toiletries, mini-bar included.

iResidence rooftop swimming pool

iResidence rooftop swimming pool

The HIGHlight (literally) was the rooftop swimming pool. It was gorgeous to go for a swim on the 10th floor in between the surrounding sky scrapers. When looking over the rim of the pool, you’d see the Skytrain station, and all the people suffering from the heat, while we were splashing around. Mmmmm.

  • something to try! Swimming during a thunderstorm in a roof top swimming pool surrounded by Bangkok skyscrapers…
Bangkok Green Bike project in old town

Bangkok Green Bike project in old town

Even though I have giving up seeing the things ‘one has to see’, since my friend was for the first time in Asia, of course we had to go and do the sights (pics below). We took one of the public boats on the river and set off for Wat Po and Wat Phra Keo – pure temple overdose. We found a green bike project, where you could get a bike (for free) and do a tour of the old town. The catch was that you had to pay a penalty of 5000 Baht (125€) if you bring it back later than 3 hours after. And of course the maps of the obligatory circuit (penalty again if you leave the badly indicated itinerary) had just run out… So difficult to be back on time when you get lost every kilometer. But anyway, it was not such a good idea to be doing a bicycle tour in the scorching midday sun

Doing the sights in Bangkok

Doing the sights in Bangkok

Food wise my friend’s stomach was weary of the local food, fresh juice, ice cubes, etc like anybody who takes his guidebook and the warnings too serious. So we started our culinary adventures in McDonalds… The breakfast buffet in our hotel was also great to stock up calories for the day (and feel sick because of overeating – it happens time and time again – I should know by know…). And all the western restaurants (but also great Thai dishes) completely ruined my 3 months diet of rice, soups and noodles

  • I gained 3 kg in just one week living the luxury life…

It is not only me that gained weight, also my luggage went up to 17kg again (I did soo much my best to get it down to 13kg in Laos). That’s probably a normal symptom of being in Bangkok, with fashion (wholesale) shopping centers like Platinum and Pratunam, and the humongous Chatuchak weekend market. We spent quite some of our time there (besides the time at dentist).

Some of my new Swimwear ;-)

Some of my new Swimwear ;-)

So I invested in some clothes, after having lived in the same 4 T-shirts, the same 2 shorts and trousers and the same sandals and shoes for 3 months on end… So I was looking the part when going out dancing.

  • I found underwear heaven in Chatuchak market – bought a few kg of undies and swimwear. Yippee.

Yep, indeed, the nice thing of having a travel companion is also that going out is less of an awkward affair. When going to (gay) bars alone, it looks a bit pitiful to sit or stand in a corner, it probably looks a bit too flirtatious if you start talking to complete strangers, and most of the time you only attract money-focussed conversation from the guys ‘on duty’. Having said that, it was hallucinating that I actually knew some of the people in DJ station. It’s a (too) small world (read here).


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  1. René 22 April 2009 at 16:44 #

    Hallo Tony,
    Sieht ja alles richtig schön aus und hört sich auch gut an.
    Wünsche dir weiterhin viel Spass.
    Liebe Grüsse aus Eupen

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