My computer is alive!

6 Apr
Computer hospital in Bangkok

Computer hospital in Bangkok

I must say Bangkok is the center point of civilization around South East Asia. You need to buy something? You’ll find it in Bangkok. You need to repair something. Go to Bangkok. You need medical care – Bangkok is the place to go.

My computer broke down when traveling in the north of Cambodia. I desperately brought my little baby to all the computer shops that seemed they could maybe fix it without doing more damage than good. But their suggestion was to bring it to computer hospital – either in Phnom Penh or Bangkok.

I did try the big computer shops in Phnom Penh – but the only thing they could do for me is to tell me that it was a hardware problem: probably the motherboard – and that it would take 2 weeks to order the pieces they would need. Time I wouldn’t have in Cambodia… Also it would cost almost 400$ (which is about as much as I paid for the laptop) – and it was still under warrenty. They did back up my files (which was one of my main concerns: all my pictures!!!) but for the rest the only grace was to be found in Bangkok.

Acer Service Centre in PP - no service

Acer Service Centre in PP - no service

So when I arrived in Bangkok with a ridiculously cheap flight (39$) from Phnom Penh (where you have to pay 25$ airport charge!! Almost more than the ticket!!) – I took a taxi straight to the Acer Service Centre, despite it being Sunday evening 18h45, just before closing time. The door was opened for me by the security guard, he went to push the machine to give me the service ticket, but I was called to the counter straight away.

As soon as I took out my netbook and explained that it was a problem with the mother board, she said: “Oh, you are mister Tony”… She had received the email enquiries and explanation of the problem already of the head office which I had contacted via email. “We have already ordered the motherboard for you” – just wait 10 minutes and the technician will put it in for you. I thought was going to cry because of the sheer surprise by the service. As if they had been eagerly waiting to save my virtual life… I could kiss the girl! (and like it ;-)

My computer lives!!! Back to blogging

My computer lives!!! Back to blogging

But helas, 10 minutes later the technician comes out to explain that the problem doesn’t seem to be the motherboard as I had mailed them (and consequently they had gotten a new motherboard in stock for me), but it turned out to be a problem with the screen – and of course they didn’t have a screen in stock. And the Monday after it would be a public holiday, so the main office where they could get a screen from was not open. But the girl just kept on phoning around to colleagues, other Acer branches, to her boss etc to find me a new screen… But as it was past closing time already, and the day after it would be a public holiday, she apologetically told me to come back on Tuesday.

But still that same evening (one hour later) she still wrote me an email saying that she had found a new screen and that I could have it repaired on the public holiday anyway if I would want… Wow – I just brought in my little computer – and half an hour later my Aspire One baby was alive again!!!

  • So Bangkok is the place to be for service!

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