Crossing People’s Paths

31 Mar
New Year in Phnom Penh

New Year in Phnom Penh

It is mind blowing the variety of people that you meet while traveling. It’s often in moments when I’m most down or sick and tired of traveling that I tend to bump into lovely or intriguing people… as if someone up there feels for me and sends some company around.

A little overview of the magnificent people I met:

  • Somehow German couples seem to be particularly attractive/attracted to me: when tubing in Vang Vieng I bumped into a couple of German police officers, and all along my Laos trip I kept bumping into the same Kölner couple. Am I still in love with Germany/Berlin?
  • Great German Couples

    Great German Couples

  • I had barely arrived in Asia and I met an incredibly energetic ladyboy performer dancing on the bar for New Year. I thought gay life in Cambodia would be very hidden, but it basically jumped into my lap.
  • In Phnom Penh I bumped into the owner of a superb luxury resort (Knai Bang Chatt) in Kep (royals, Elton Johns and David Beckhams go there – and me during their Happy Hour – the only thing I can afford), and turns out the owner comes from… Arendonk (my hometown) – the world is veeeery small.
  • Another fellow countryman in Kep is running Knai Bang Chatt’s antipode: Botanica, a relaxed down-to-earth bungalow resort I can afford. It is like coming home, with the Leffe beer and Belgian vol-au-vent with fries waiting for me.
Vietnam Blues

Vietnam Blues

A Lao Weddng - not ours

A Lao Weddng - not ours

The Muang Ngoi family

The Muang Ngoi family

  • Somehow Cambodia was the country where most of the surreal adventures were happening. I met this sweet guy that invited me into his house – and we basically played husband and husband for a week.
  • I discovered a happy bunch of volunteers in Kep, who were running a French school (not sure if they will be able to counter English). They invited me for succulent spaghetti carbonara (a unambiguous luxury here after months of rice and noodles) and a surreal ‘exposé’ of a French linguist (in the middle of nowhere – in French… unbelievable)
  • It must be the need for ‘family’ – because also in Muang Ngoi I teamed up with some people to explore the place together: an italian party animal, a Dutch perfume seller and a Luxemburgish T-shirt designer…
Belgian VS Franco-Sino-Khmer

Belgian VS Franco-Sino-Khmer

  • I met an intriguing mix of a Franco-Sino-Khmer guy who used to work for a bank and then left it all to go into theatre and circus.
  • The most startling encounter was a meeting with a French guy that knew about all the guys that I had met on my path… (and when I say ‘know’, you know what kind of ‘knowing’)
  • It’s funny that I crossed the paths of quite some travelers who are looking for answers to questions, searching for arms around them, considering re-orienting their lives or looking for the light of love
  • Don’t we all?

I’m sure there’s many more inspiring people to meet along my travels…

Norwegian kickstart to Asian travels

Norwegian kickstart to Asian travels

But the best thing is of course to be able to share some of these crazy traveling moments with my good old friends, those whom I’ll certainly see again. It was super to spend New Year with Per Helmer, lovely to have Koichi and Eriko visiting me and Halong Bai and Serge joining me for ‘un bout de chemin et d’aventures’ in Thailand and Bali.

Japanese friends visiting

Japanese friends visiting



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  1. Sophat 1 April 2009 at 05:31 #

    Glad you enjoy Cambodia. Next time let me know when you get back there. I might be around then.

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