Computer blues

24 Mar
The last time I used my netbook before it died...

The last time I used my netbook before it died...

Is there life without computer & internet?  Why do I blog?

I will certainly have to give internet-less life a try the next 2 weeks as my netbook went into coma last week (so only compact blogging from internet cafes – sorry). One beautiful day I closed it, and it would never come to life again, whatever buttons I pushed, no matter how much I stroked or kissed it, egal what I whispered into its orifices…

I ran around about all the computer shops in Battambang (the second city of Cambodia), even some monks at the computer shop helped me out with some translation, but the verdict was unanimous:

  • a hardware problem – shiiiiiiiit – and the only way of resuscitation would be to go to the head office of the most renowned computer shop in Phnom Penh – or go to computer hospital (Acer service centre) in Bangkok.

I just came back from the computer shop in Phnom Penh and they told me the motherboard was no more… It could be replaced for about 400 US$ but that’s about what i paid for the fecking thing… But normally Acer in Bangkok would repare my baby for free as it is still covered by the warranty… (let’s hope).

After 3 sleepless nights, 100 US$, a new external hard drive and several visits to the computer shop, I managed to recover all the data from the hard disk. It would have been near-to suicidally tragic to loose all my pictures from my Asia trip…  So this calls for (yet another) celebration tonight…

finally some time to write down some thoughts...

finally some time to write down some thoughts...

Nevertheless, without the laptop, the next few days I’ll revert to reading books and writing with pen and paper (that’s a long time ago)… And what would be a better place to do so than Kep at the beach and poolsee Kep post

Why do i blog?

Many told me that I am crazy to be blogging so much instead of enjoying my travels. But I feel that the enjoyment is bigger when shared with others – and I guess the 8000 pageviews till now is a nice indicator of the sharing factor. Maybe I also blog because “one only exists through the mirror of the other” – so getting your comments on these pages or via email is great and boosts the moral.

Some people read to relax – i tend to write to get things out of my system and to feel good. Not sure if one would be less or more “enjoying the travel”… And blogging prevents me from having to write different emails to different people, to write a travel journal (on paper), to send some pictures home, etc.

And writing about things also helps me analyse events, it makes me think about why I do or think things (or not), so it’s my improvised Tony therapy while on the road… to the future…


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