Hallucinating in Halong Bay

13 Feb

Halong Bay - the star attraction of Vietnam

Halong Bay - the star attraction of Vietnam

Halong Bay is a definite must if you’re anywhere near Vietnam (see pictures below). It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen on my trip so far (definitely on the same level with the Angkor temples, and Kep Lodge ;-) You basically check in on a jonk boat (for a day or two or three) and float around the carst rocks that rise from the tranquil Chinese Sea, in all kind of different formations. On the trip you’re served with a meal of seafood on board, and drinks you can add yourself as many as you like, which we did ;-) We were lucky with the weather, as it is often foggy out there, so we were sunbathing on deck while taking in the scenery.

On the trip you can stop to visit some nicely lit caves and play the ‘You See What I See’ game with the tour guide, imagining different statues and scenes in the stalactites and stalagmites. Or some boats stop at the floating fishermen’s village (know from the film Indochine) or on an island for some swimming – depending on the length of the trip. We only booked for one day, as we combined my Japanese friends visiting, C had his friend over from Sai Gon and next day would be Valentine, which we would like to spend together…


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