Chilling in Hoi An

5 Feb

A typical Hoi An street

A typical Hoi An street

Hoi An is a quaint little village in the centre of Viet Nam. It has a gorgeous old town centre – part of the Unesco World Heritage (see pictures below). Besides that and the sea a few miles down the raod, there is not much to see or do. And that’s exactly what I did there: nothing much – just lingering around in town and chilling at the pool of my hotel.

The fabulous sleeper buses... Good night...

The fabulous sleeper buses... Good night...

I arrived there with one of the wonders of tourism – the sleeper bus. Since distances are relatively big (Vietnam stretches over 1700 km from North to South), and the trains are relatively slow (they go on averate 45km/hour, whihch would make the trip from Saigon to Hanoi a painstaking 36hour journey…), and the plane is relatively expensive (although for 100 USD you have a return ticket between Hanoi and Saigon) and you can’t get off where you want –  so they invented the overnight Open Tour in sleeper buses.

Open Tour: You actually book a ticket South or Northbound, with a number of stops on the road. In each intermediate destination you can get off and spend as much time as you want. And when you want to move on, you just reserve a day in advance, and presto. The buses are very comfortable and have bunk-beds, so you can actually sleep – so you win on travelling time (during your sleep – besides the food stop and WC needs) and on hotel-budget…


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