Finally or desperately alone

4 Jan

Traveling together or alone - what's the best?

Traveling together or alone - what's the best?

4th of January: my friend PH is leaving, back to Bangkok, Paris & Norway. It all of a sudden sinks in that I’ll be all alone from now on. So I started feeling home-sick or lonely before PH had even gone. What’s the point of being alone, when I’ve got all these nice friends? Why on Earth did I leave them?

Oh yes, I forgot, I actually came to Asia to think my life over! Till now, except some really nice conversations with PH over dinners or during walks, I hadn’t had a single second to stand still and reflect… From the first night we arrived we were thrown into the night life and were on the road doing all the touristy things… So maybe time had come to pull the brake and slow down.

Lovely pool at Manor House

Lovely pool at Manor House

It was the first time (since I arrived appr a week ago) that I actually opened one of my books. And what better place to dream away and read than at the pool side of Manor House. Peace & quiet, lovely decor, drinks at hand, a friendly chat with one or the other, a dip in the water,…

Reading the ‘Eat Pray Love’ book about a stressed out woman looking for herself on a world trip actually got me in a nostalgic mood. I gazed over the pool past the marble elephants into the vegetation – and had time to think – finally. It was clear for me I needed to get out the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh. That evening, I booked my ticket to go up-country to Siem Reap.

Bye bye Blue Chilli

But I couldn’t help it to go and say goodbye to the Blue Chilli crowd. A colourful bunch of people had gathered there again.

  • There was this well-off Cambodian guy (with a big car) who came to talk to me. And during the conversation he was sort of eying down another local guy, who then came up to us. He was there with his girlfriend, but asked his phonenumber nevertheless. I noticed that there are quite some ‘straight’ people hanging around the gay scene – and probably more than just hanging…)
  • Another funny character was an English guy, who runs a monthly gay party in PP. When asking what brought him to Cambodia, he casually explained to me that he was in Cambodia as it was one of the few countries that didn’t have extradition agreements with the UK. So obviously he’d done something ‘bad’ before (involving many bags of money he vaguely explained) and did not want to see the inside of the UK judicial system ;-)
  • And then a guy comes up to me and says – “hello,you’re ‘travelony’ right?”… “euh, yes?!? Do I know you??” So it turns out that this Filipino guy, working in Cambodia stumbled across my blog, since he is writing one about (gay) life Cambodia as well. So it was a bit surreal to come across a ‘blog-fan’ of mine.

Good thing to know is that people actually do read my blog (so I’ll continue it)


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