Phnom Phen Impressions

3 Jan
A funny tourist at the National Palace...

An international tourist at the National Palace...

Because of the New Year Celebrations, hanging out with my Norwegian friend and going to the Killing Fields, there had not been a lot of time to actually see the city of Phnom Penh. It was now the first time I walked around town and had the opportunity to see the National Palace, the Silver Pagoda, the markets and some other things ‘one should see’.

It was the first time that I actually had to make sense of a map of Phnom Penh (till then I just followed friends, or hopped onto a motodub). It was great to get lost and get a feeling of the country/city, walking into the shops I was interested in, taking the streets that seemed lively. That for me is travelling – having to get your head around a city.

I also went to some of the markets to test my rusty haggling skills. I bought a nice imitation leather (maybe) wallet (for the dollars, the baht, the euro and the Riel that I have by now) of some fancy brand I don’t even know (When I asked if they had Cambodian brand- to avoid problems at the borders – they just laughed) – and a Cambodian flag… It was almost  ‘victory day’ (7 January – celebrating the end of Pol Pot).


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