Someone stole my day!

29 Dec
Flying Thai... very Thai

Flying Thai... very Thai

I just arrived in Bangkok today and feel as if someone stole a day of me. A good friend drove me to the airport on Sunday 28 December morning – I get on my flights (via Frankfurt) and I arrive in Bangkok 10 hours later and all of a sudden it is 7am on Monday 29 December… Where did my Sunday go?!

The flights went ok, even though it started off in a orrying way. When checking in in Brussels, the lady at the counter asked me if she should check through my luggage to my final destination: Manilla? Nooooooo!!! (Manilla is indeed the final destination of my ticket – but I have a stopover of 2 months! in Bangkok- and I’ll travel all over during those 2 months before continuing from Bangkok to Manilla).

So I got quite nervous about all the things that could go wrong – especially then when in Bangkok airport my luggage was one of the last bags to arrive (or maybe I just didn’t recognise my new backpack yet ;-) What on Earth would I do without luggage, where would I have it delivered to, if I am leaving myself the next day to another country? I shouldn’t think of those things.

My little plane... 747-400

My little plane... 747-400

Security control (at Brussels airport) is not anymore what it used to be… Normally I have to do a half striptease before they let me through, but this time (Sunday morning?) it was easy. When leaving the house, I opened the fridge and took out all the things that would go off before my colleague would be there – also one little drink carton of orange juice. I completely forgot about it in the whole excitement of checking in to Manilla (!!), and they didn’t even see it on the screens, nor my toiletry bag with all my lotions and potions (miniature size, I agree).

It’s anyway only the crazy Europeans and Americans that have the ‘no liquids’ rule (they must have done something really wrong if they are the only ones that terrorists want to attack with hair gel or orange juice).

  • On the plane it was my last chance to stock up on the latest news from Belgium and Germany – so I took all the newspapers that I could get, some kilos which I will cherish for a long time. So from now on I rely on you folk to keep updated about what is happening in good old Belgium (and Europe)
Flying Thai style...

Flying Thai style...

Flying Thai Airways was also a pleasure – certainly to recommend. It became clear from the moment you entered the plane that you were in Thailand: the airhostesses dressed up in the Thai tradtional dress (they guys just in boring, but pinkish purple suits ;-) and doing the Wai to all boarding passengers (the traditional greeting in Thailand, putting the hands together in front of your chin) and the eternal Sawasdee Kaaaaaaa (welcome or hallo). Every sentence in Thai also ends in an emphatic, close to dramatic Kaaaaaa (I guess that’s a form of politeness). The food was also categorised with a certain number of chilli peppers to indicate the spiciness etc.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t wait to get out of my confined seat on the flight, next to a German couple next to me that was more into licking-kissing-feeding each other than chit chatting to their neighbour. Love is soo nice…

The result being: I have arrived in Bangkok safe & sound.


One Response to “Someone stole my day!”

  1. Miriel 30 December 2008 at 15:00 #

    Ainda bem que chegaste a Bangkok vivo e inteiro! A aventura parece-me, ainda só agora está a começar!!!

    Diverte-te, eu vou aparecendo para ler os novos posts!

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