Goodbye party for real

21 Dec
Lychee wine for sweet goodbyes...

Lychee wine for sweet goodbyes...

I’ve never really been such a long time away from ‘home’ (wherever that is) as for this Asia trip. In my head I extended the planned 2 months and a half already to 4 or 5 months… So this calls for some serious ‘Goodbye Saying’. I already waved my SALTO colleagues goodbye at the Corsica meeting in November and I toasted with some Asian lychee wine with the colleagues in the office.

But the friends are the ones I’ll miss most of all. So I decided to throw a decent B-party (combining my ByeBye with my Birthday, as I did not have time to celebrate it before). I threw a little invitation-stone in the water, and ripples waved over the water. I started to invite the Brussels gang I use to hang out with, but also the friends from the village whom I see far too rarely. And then some Asia lovers from badminton, and the group we did the BGS show with, and some people who gave me travel tips, and my favourite (ex)colleagues, and… and… till I realised that my appartment, and especially my head and heart would be too full to say goodbye to more people.

  • So sorry for all I wanted to invite but didn’t fit in – I hope we said goodbye in some other ways or keep in touch via this blog ;-)

invitationIt was great and confusing at the same time to see all different kinds of friends together – some dating back from when I was 6 year old & others from Uni, some married & others (very) gay, some ex’s & some wannabees, some friends I see once a year & others every week,… Now I know what social butterflies feel like, fluttering from one flower patch to another, cross-fertilising…

I had explicitely asked my invitees NOT to bring any presents. But it turns out I have quite some ‘anarchistic’ friends (and I love them to pieces for it ;-) so they brought me some nice travel things anyway:

  • a Skype headset to keep in touch with the other side of the world (if I manage to find an internet connection),
  • music for my mp3 player (which I misplaced somewhere, so I had to buy a new one, and probably will find the old one somewhere in the bottom of my backpack),
  • traditional Asian Li-Xi (a red envelope with some contribution to the travel) – sooooo nice,
  • mobile phone SIM cards for some of the countries I go to (only experienced travellers think of something like that)
  • and gorgeous swimming trunks – which of course they made me try on on the spot!
  • But the real presents are their nice words and reflections, or their contributions to my thinking I will be doing during this Asia trip – send it to travelony[at]yahoo[dot]com
lots of booze & dishes

The result: lots of booze & dishes

One of the aims was also to empty my bar (one of my cupboards that has a few bottles in it, nothing more fancy nor am I an alcoholic – that’s why it was still full ;-). I must conclude, throwing a party is not the right method to reach this goal of emptying a bar. Everybody arrived with some drinks (which I expected) but not 3 times as much as they would drink themselves! So instead of emptying my bar, it has tripled in size. I am sure my Estonian colleague & lodger will love me/you for it. She can throw a house-warming party, no sweat, because all drinks and munchies are impatient to please some more party-people.

As  this party was also sort of my Birthday party, I bought some Birthday cakes as well, which I completely forgot (so apologies to those that left earlier and did not get any – next year I’ll have another birthday, I promise ;-) So it was only around midnight that I remembered and then went to light the 18 candles on one cake, and the numbers 1 & 8 on the other one. That’s my age 18…  …  …  …plus 18 ;-)

Before people were allowed to leave, they had to incarnate a ‘guardian angel for the picture (see below). So I’ll carry all their good vibes with me throughout Asia. (also see the Angel page) And just in case they would forget, they got a stack of post-it notes with my travel-blog address printed on it – cuz I am not writing these fxxxing pages for nothing!   lol

And then, after everybody had left, except the dishes, it dawned to me that I had seen most of my friends for the last time in 4 or 5 months to come… Strange feeling. But maybe it’s like parachute jumping – you shouldn’t think too much about it – JUST JUMP !


One Response to “Goodbye party for real”

  1. Didier 26 December 2008 at 11:22 #

    Désolé de ne pas avoir pu assister à ce joyeux au revoir. Promis, je serai là pour ta soirée de retour! ;-))
    D’ici là, profite au maximum, et reviens-nous des souvenirs plein la tête, histoire de nous faire envie quand tu nous les raconteras. Meilleurs voeux pour 2009 et ce voyage. Biz.

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