Packing up & Moving out

18 Dec

My lovely Estonian colleague

My lovely Estonian colleague

Things are getting serious… No turning back… It is dawning to me… I won’t be here in Brussels anymore for long.

I am letting my flat to my lovely Estonian colleague who is replacing me at SALTO, so of course I also had to make some space in the appartment. She is just as fancy as I am ;-), so surely she’ll need space in the wardrobes and drawers!

So over the last couple of days (and weeks) I have been collecting cardboard boxes from the street (thank god for recycling, so that I can just do a tour of the shops to have free removal boxes) and filling them with my ‘stuff’. I managed to fill no less than 23 boxes, and still my closets seem only half empty (so I dread the moment if ever I have to move again… hopefully not too long from now… to my own house in the countryside).

It is an interesting exercise to move, because you discover all those things you have that you completely forgot. So  ‘les Petits Riens’ (charity collecting second hand clothes and utensils) were also very happy with my move, as they got another 6 boxes of very useful things, but which were never used (a crazy collection of mugs & glasses, clothes from my straight period, souvenirs that never saw the daylight, ‘wrong’ X-mas presents, etc).

I also came to some astonishing conclusions:

  • half of the boxes were books – so i must be a very literary person, except I never have the time to read, so half of the books were still waiting for there virgin read…
  • I had one full box of undies, but then only one box of T-shirts. Seen the relative size of a pair of knickers and a T-shirt, it seems a bit disproportionate…
  • I also packed one big box with my sports clothes, but only filled one with regular trousers. So maybe I am a sporty person after all…
  • I had 2 boxes filled till the nook with office stuff… and that office stuff comes from my own appartment! So maybe I am working too much from/at home.
Moving out...

Moving out...

Anyway, part of filling the boxes was also to prepare for my nomadic life-style when I’ll be back from Asia. The appartment is occupied, so I had to plan to have a bit of everything (bathroom stuff, clothes etc) back at my mum’s place, as well as a bit of left-overs in Brussels which I can dig into when staying in Brussels with friends…

And then the expedition to the country side started, filling up a friend’s car till the ceiling, with each of us a box on our knees so that we could take everything! So I’m partially back in to my old room in my parents’ house… Back to the roots…

Packing has started

All I'm taking...

All I'm taking...

At the same time I had to pack my Back Pack for Asia – because everything that needed to follow me to Asia should NOT end up in the boxes that would be exported to the country side. The nice thing is that I’ve got the packing over with, which results in a heavy 13kg. My poor back. But in a way (at my age) I am cheating, as i got one of those backpacks that also have wheels and can be used as a trolly. I love this invention!

Another one of the ‘inventions’ in the way of traveling, is the Ziplock bags. A friend world traveller told me that when it rains in Asia, it RAINS! And if you are not anywhere near a roof, you could have just as well jumped in the Mekong river, backpack and all. So he recommended to put the clothes etc in sealable plastic bags. And on top of it you can press the air out, so that you get vacuum parcels half the size. Cleeeeeeever!

All fits in 2 back packs...

All fits in 2 back packs...

So tonight I’ll pick up my Estonian colleague from the airport, to do a test-run in the appartment: doing a wash, using the oven, lighting a candle for my Buddha, connecting to wifi and printer, plant feeding instructions, emergency numbers, switching on and off the heating if it will ever work again!!

And tomorrow a day in the office as well of course – and that will be the last time I’ll see my office for a year!!


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