What will I miss…

15 Dec
Will miss cheese...

Will miss cheese...

I have pondering a long time whether i should go on a World Trip or not, because it is a jump into the unknown. Next question would be: how long should I stay? Should I just do a quick tour of a month or two and come back quickly to be a good boy, or take advantage of the situation (my sabbatical year) and stretch my adventure over there to the max…

But from having been to Thailand, China & Sri Lanka before, I can vaguely imagine that I’ll miss certain things…

What did you miss when you were travelling in Asia before? (add in the comments)

  • I will definitely miss my friends. Only yesterday we had a lovely goodbye dinner – refined French style – with the Brussels gang. Starting with bubbles, moving on to foie gras (apologies to all the animal protectionists) with onion jam and gelatine, smoothed down the stomach with some sweet Sauterne wine, and a main course of oven patato-dice with chicken and wild mushrooms, with lovely red wine, ending with some fruit and of course the Buche (ice-cream tree-trunk, traditional for Xmas). Mmmmm – divine.
    And what was most divine was the company: my best friends from Brussels, fuelled with a trickle of wine (4 bottles) leading to stomach aches of laughter, tears of joy and rolling over the floor…
  • And today I got my first New Year card, so all of a sudden it dawned to me that I’ll miss the New Year celebrations with my friends… but I will have 2 New Years in stead: the western one in Cambodia and Tet (vietnamese new year) in Vietnam.
  • I start thinking more and more about roots. All this intercultural stuff is all very nice in theory, but I need to have some place on this ball of earth which I can call my own, somewhere where I belong… It’s knowing who to ask when I need to move my stuff out of my appartment. It’s know which shops to buy all the goodies I need for travelling – and a good price. It’s the arms I can turn to in hours of need ;-)
  • Moving more into the practical side of things: Food. I am not so fussy about food, and I do like Asian cuisine (at least what they sell in the restaurants here ‘pretending to be Asian’), but what I missed in China or Japan was cheese! They just think it’s smelly. I am now stuffing myself with cheese as if it will be the last time in my life I’ll ever see it. I am building up my reserves. And muesly with yoghurt (oh so German) for breakfast. Mmmm…
  • I’ll also miss communication. Around Brussels people usually speak one or a few of the languages I speak as well, so there’s always a possibility to get oneself understood. However, ‘over there’ I fear I might have to revert back to charades, body language and pictionnary…
  • And after rushing around the city for getting all needed injections, travel gear and appointments, I think the pace of moving around will be a lot slower… No more time-tables, just go with the flow, the bus leaves when it’s full… Need to make the click in my head!
  • What I love as well, is relaxing in the sauna. It just won’t have the same effect when it’s 35 degrees C outside…

The part of my job i don't like ;-)

The part of my job i don't like ;-)

What I won’t miss…

  • I will not miss the noise in Brussels, instead I’ll have the noise of Asia in my ears…
  • and I am sick and tired of the cold, grey & wet weather in Belgium, but maybe after a few days and nights in 35 swelthering degrees (Celcius) I will miss it anyway.
  • And what I won’t miss either is the situations like in the cartoon (having said that, the SALTO job is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had – something to think about…)

One Response to “What will I miss…”

  1. Andreas 18 December 2008 at 10:25 #

    The only thing I ever missed in Asia was to be normal – as a blond European you stand out almost everywhere. Going out and disappearing in a crowd is a protection you won’t have.

    Cheese is a good point, so is good bread. But actually I didn’t miss those, I was just happy to re-discover them once we were back in Europe.

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