Saying Goodbye started…

23 Nov
Goodbye colleagues...

Goodbye colleagues...

Already at the Training & Cooperation meeting end of October, the saying goodbye started. As we had launched a call for a new Miss or Mister SALTO Inclusion for 2009, of course all colleagues of the Youth in Action programme knew that I was leaving for a year.

It was the most funny thing to hear myself explaining the same story 50 times: take a break, travel to Asia, now or never, 2 and a half months, normally i come back to SALTO the 1st of January 2010,… More and more I started realising that 2 months for Thailand > Cambodia > Vietnam > Laos > Malaysia > Singapore > Philippines would not be enough. So I’ll probably extend the ticket…

And then we just had the SALTO meeting in Corsica, where my closest colleagues were present and where the real goodbye started. This would probably be the last time  i would see my colleagues for the next year. Hm, am i leaving my baby behind, or am i leaving a sinking ship – or am i just shifting my focus from ‘others’ to myself for a while…

More and more people have been asking me whether i would be travelling alone – so this does not seem so much a ‘normal’ thing to do… So maybe i am not being a normal traveller? Indeed, I start telling people more and more that I will be looking for myself and what i want in life – and hopefully the confrontation with the world, with difference and with an eclectic set of people on the road will give me some inspirationMore here

On the train going to the airport (for my Bastia trip), a girl overheard my conversation with my colleagues on the same train, and she recommended me the book ‘Eat, Pray, Love‘ by Elizabeth Gilbert, who also went on a trip into her inner self. Her trip (to forget her problems) took her via boulemic indulgence in Italy, through buddhist monestaries in Asia to find her real love…

  • Let’s see if i can pull an Elizabeth Gilbert on you ;-)
Goodbye party with inflammable alcohol

Goodbye party with inflammable alcohol

But it is not only the goodbye that started – the ‘welcome back‘ also entered my nightly thoughts… I explained to a colleague that after coming back I would probably move back in with my mum in our house in the village – or maybe adopt a nomadic lifestyle in Brussels squatting friends’ couches. And then this colleague jokingly told me ‘if your friends will still know you’ (after such a long trip).

  • That’s definitely not good for my stomach! Because, indeed, what will be waiting for me after I’ll be back? I most likely will have changed – but my friends as well ? ? ?

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