Huray, I got my ticket to Asia !!

17 Oct

Tony Traveling Asia

I still had a few Lufthansa miles to spend and decided to start my sabbatical year (2009) in splendor. I booked the tickets with miles so ‘virtually’ for free – except the airport taxes…. which was more than 400€ – so far for free tickets!!So here are the plans so far:

  • December: a B-Party (Bye Bye & Birthday Party)
  • 28 December: Brussels > Bangkok
  • 30 December: Bangkok > Phnom Penh
  • New year in Cambodia with a Norwegian friend
  • A little tour through Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and back to Thailand
  • Maybe an excursion to Malaysia and/or Singapore
  • 28 February: Bangkok > Manilla
  • 16 March: Manilla > Brussels

If you have any travel suggestions (eg off the beaten track, some alternative sights, curiosities, personal highlights,…) please do let me know. (the main things to see & do I’ll find in a guide book).

The tickets are flexible, so it could be that i’ll stay longer, or that I come home earlier if I miss you too much ;-)


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